Cllr. C.N Nkalitshana
Cllr. C.N NkalitshanaExecutive MayorMayor@emalahleni.gov.za

Emalahleni Local Municipality wishes to add its voice in congratulating the 2022 Grade 12 class for the impressive performance given the reality that, this is the cohort of learners who over and above the adverse socio-economic conditions, their academic programmes were frequently interrupted by unique set of challenges imposed by Covid-19 pandemic.


This is a 13 years journey of hard work which started when you first set your foot in Grade R and the 2022 Matric Results have now brought you closer to your true dreams because any meaningful journey must begin with a destination in mind. Keep believing in yourself, the sky is your starting point.


Indeed, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, without education Emalahleni Local Municipality and the country in general has no future. These results allow you to register with institutions of higher learning which are going to refine you into a national asset. I wish to remind you that as a person you are the future. The future lies in your hands because you are able and therefore you can. Congratulations are in order to our parents, school governing bodies, educators, Mpumalanga Department of Education, Private Sector, NGOs and stakeholders who formed important support structures for our learners over the last 13 years. Please, accept our warmest appreciation.


I am certain that bursaries from the corporate citizens of this municipality are ready for learners who will be progressing to tertiary institutions, and the office of the Executive Mayor is leading by example because the municipality is also giving financial assistance to deserving learners particular those coming from the indigent households.  Accordingly, I am calling upon the private sector to continue investing in the education sectors.


Finally, we take our hats off for the Emalahleni circuit 1, 2, and 3 for remaining in the league of 80% and above matric pass rate. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

We sincerely congratulate the matric class of 2022, your earnest efforts and focus have yielded dividends. Bon Voyage to you boys and girls as you pack your bags going into the new world of SELF MANAGEMENT, All the best in your life and Well done!

To those who couldn’t make it, do not despair because A WINNER NEVER GIVES UP!


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