Cllr. C.N Nkalitshana
Cllr. C.N NkalitshanaExecutive
Every new academic year is a blessing as you progress in learning and stepping ahead in life, finding new ways and methods to make life better for the future.
Starting a year with prayer and God’s blessing and guidance is the best way to progress.
That is what just we have done seeking blessings from God. Prayer is an attitude to be promoted because for all our actions we depend on God the almighty.
To your loving parents who sacrifice their lives in various ways for your good.
To your affectionate teachers who make you feel important and treat you as their own kids.
To your committed non- teaching staff who keep the school campus and classrooms for a better learning environment.
Not forgetting the drivers who drives you safe to school and back home.
Well, dear students, good values and fear of God is the hallmark of success in life, you need to learn all that at your young age.
The general purpose of education is to make human beings fully grown with wisdom to judge between right and wrong, it provides us with the ability and skill to analyze situations before arriving at a decision.
It illumines mental ability to reason out things before whatever one does.
It transmits culture of a society to its young, thus it is not happening in a class room only, but is also learned through interaction in the society.

Dear children, as you begin your new academic year, store in your mind, when you are in elementary school, your teachers are the people you love like a second mother and would hate to disappoint.

You always obey the rules as set, you become obedient in your learning journey.
Those of you starting high school education, a learning base has already been built.
At this stage, you are able to do things independently, you require less and less hand holding from your teachers.

At this stage you will realize that your teachers, while they were authority figures at lower primary, they are also people.

More than anything, being aware of your teachers’ lives allow you to realize that people have a lot more going on than what it seems.

You can’t know the full extent of someone else’s load. Teachers also go through a lot like your parents, therefore it is important to give them all the respect and support that they deserve.

I am sure the teachers in your class carry their load of worries but still carrying you all for good, preparing your future, teaching all the good that you need for your life. So never under- estimate a teacher who teaches you all about your life and makes you walk steadily to achieve your dreams.

Have positive attitude from day one about your schooling, it creates a great feeling for better learning.

The following are things I encourage you not to try, especially at this teen age of your growing:
  • Drinking, smoking and doing drugs
  • Losing your virginity
  • Blaming others for your misfortunes
  • Do not give up easily
  • Always put school work first
  • Not listening and showing respect to your teachers and parents
  • Being someone, you are not
  • Always have a plan for what you want to do
  • Don’t blame yourself

The following are the things I encourage you to try:
  • Showing respect to people that are below and above your age group
  • Having a positive attitude towards others and yourself
  • Help others when needed
  • Stop bullies and bullying
  • Report it if you see something wrong going on if someone is getting bullied
In accomplishing this, it is hoped that the individual will be armed with knowledge, and a strength of judgment and moral virtues, as well as the ability to make a living, and in the process, preserve the heritage of the nation and the achievements of previous generations.

The world will not get better if we let it be, you must help change the world.
So be at your best and believe, God will do the rest.

Have a wonderful 2023
God bless
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