Emalahleni Local Municipality (ELM) is an authorised Water Service Provider (WSP) and a Water Service Authority (WSA) under the area of its jurisdiction.  As the Water Service Provider, the municipality has a responsibility to provide basic water services efficiently, affordable economical and in a sustainable manner to its consumers. The municipality needs the community to play a role in ensuring that water is conserved and used sparingly to protect this scarce resource.

The Witbank Dam is currently sitting on an average level of 100.1% due to the plentiful of rainfalls this season. Sluice gates were opened in most times to control floods at the dam; however, the municipality is restricted by the Water Use License to abstract a certain limit of raw water volumes daily, it is therefore very crucial to conserve the limited purified water to save Emalahleni not to face drought as we approach the dry season.
Ways to conserve water: -
  • Check sprinkler or irrigation systems and make sure that you’ve turned everything off and fully drained the system
  • Identify your home’s freezing points by checking your home for pipes in areas that might be prone to freezing. Such as crawl spaces, unheated rooms, basements, garage, and exterior walls
  • Protect your pipes where pipes are exposed to cold, wrap them with insulation or heat tape
  • Strengthen your defences - Eliminate sources of cold air near water lines by closing off crawl spaces
  • If you have a baby that cannot stand up in the shower, wash the baby in a basin or use a baby dam
The community is urged to register their existing boreholes with the Water Department. The owner or occupier of any premises who intends to sink a borehole on a premise, to notify it on the prescribed form of such intention before work in connection therewith is commenced. Boreholes are to be approved by the Water Department before they can be taken into consideration.
The Water and Sanitation By-laws were gazetted the community is also urged to familiarise themselves of the content thereof.
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Communications Unit

The communication is a strategic function. The unit deals with Internal & External Communication, Conducting imbizo Programmes, Media and stakeholder liaison, media production, marketing and branding. The municipality has adopted the communication strategy, which entails the channels and tools of communicating to the stakeholders. These channels and tools are amongst other municipal website, municipal face-book, local print and electronic media.


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