HIV and STI/STD Dialogue Held at Reach for Life in collaboration with the Nkangala District

The Transversal Unit, HIV Desk under the office of the Executive Mayor held a HIV and STI dialogue on the 3rd of March 2022. Present at the event were representatives from the Emalahleni Local Municipality, the Nkangala District, the Department of Health, the Department of Social Development, Broadreach, Right to Care and Reach for Life.

Over the year’s conversations around HIV and STIs have gained prevalence amongst
communities, thus encouraging people to educate themselves when it comes their sexual health, prevention and protection of diseases and viruses.

Stakeholders from BroadReach educated attendees on how STIs are transmitted, they were also able to engage with the panel which created room for an open conversation when it comes to sexual health and its impact on the community.

In addition to the dialogue, the Department of Health together with members of the Traditional Healers Forum engaged with attendees to dispel myths around Western and Traditional medicine that people hold. There was a consensus that people need to seek professional medical help in the event that they find out that they've contracted HIV or an STI.

The community is encouraged to make use of the services provided by the above-mentioned stakeholders. It is part of the Municipality's mandate to ensure that these stakeholders are heldaccountable and provide the necessary support to the community of Emalahleni at large.
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