Intergrated Development Plan Budget to the community of greater Emalahleni the 19th of February 2022.

The Executive Mayor of Emalahleni Local Municipality Cllr. Conny Nkalitshana delivered the Intergrated Development Plan Budget to the community of Thubelihle in Ga-Nala on the 19 of February 2022.

The IDP forms part of the Municipal Systems Act and aims to inform the residents of Emalahleni and its stakeholders of the Municipality's budget on projects and Social Labour Plans that have been implemented, in progress and those that are pending.
There are various projects that are in progress which will improve service delivery one of which includes the purchase of seven waste collection trucks and the expansion of cemeteries which is also in progress.

The newly appointed Executive Mayor further highlighted the statement by the
Premier regarding the new tertiary hospital that will be built and will be named  after the late Executive Mayor Cllr Linah Malatjie. The community were able to raise their concerns in regards to service delivery issues that impact them as Ga-Nala. For each community member who has raised concerns, reporting will be done regarding the progress in addressing the issues.

The Executive Mayor further encouraged communities to work with the appointed Ward Committee's, CDWs and Councillors. The Executive Mayor stated that it is also the responsibility of the communities to be protective of projects and see that they come to completion.

There will be three operations in the Executive Mayors term which will be highly prioritized:

1. Operation Khokha Kuzoba'ncono, this operation will also allow for arrangements to be made with the Municipality.

2. Operation Hlanzeka. The Executive Mayor encourages environmental groups to come forward and adopt spots to ensure that the community is living in a clean environment.

3. Operation Ziveze. This will encourage people who qualify for the indigent system to come forward and be registered within the Municipality.

The Executive Mayor further stated that the reason for the Community Engagements taking place on the same day was due to the postponement of the previous dates that were scheduled. It was of urgency for communities to be addressed hence the Imbizo taking place on the same day, the Executive Mayor further emphasized her trust in the Members of the Mayoral Committee hence trusting them to address the other wards in Emalahleni.

The community engagements were a success and the community of Emalahleni can expect feedback regarding the progress made in the next Imbizo
Ga-Nala IDP Imbizo 19 February 2022 | Hon. Exec. Mayor delivered the speach
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