The water supply from the Mine has been restored at low rate and it’s expected to be at contractual level in the next seven days.

The ramping up of the supply will depend on the easing of challenges on their side. The installation of the failed pump in Point D pump station which is responsible for the distribution of water from the water plant was completed on Tuesday.

The infrastructure modifications has been complete keyed at Point C reservoir site. The slow rate was caused by availability of other services such as electricity hence excavations done by hand.

The sourcing and machining of  required component and rain also contributed to the delay. The water supply system to eastern side areas mainly Bankenveldt, Reyno Ridge, Benfleur has been restored.

As the system was empty we expect the system to be fully charged overnight however distant and high lying areas may experience some challenges.

Further there may be pipe burst due to air increase in the system and they will be attended as and when reported.

The Witbank Extension  16 area is still experiencing unprecedented pipe breakages and the team is working  on establishing the cause and correcting. This however may take time due to infrastructure configuration and numerous challenges faced.

Affected areas as well as schools, clinics and hospitals and places where people converge in high numbers will be serviced by water tankers as an interim measure. 
The communities are requested to abstain from watering of gardens, washing of cars with hose pipes and filling of swimming pools due to water shortages in the municipal water system.

The municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and appeals to consumers to continue using water sparingly as the hot season is upon us.

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Emalahleni Local Municipality
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