The municipality in the recent past and currently is experiencing water supply challenges in the Greater Emalahleni area; which are caused by variety of reasons and conditions.

The water supply in the greater Emalahleni is comprised by three main schemes that is; Witbank water treatment plant, reclaimed water from the mine (Anglo) and the modular package plant and the total expected demand for the area is estimated at 147Ml/day.

As at the 02 November 2012 the production for total schemes was at about 140Ml/day which was enough to all consumers.

The main cause of the challenges is the inadequate water in the municipal system due to no pumping from the mine as from 04/11/2021.

The initial main challenge for the Bankenveldt and Ben Fleur are the shortage of water as the low level reservoir level was not rising.

On engagement with the mine they indicated that they have the following challenges: the raw water supply from their other operations is inadequate, theft and vandalism of their pumping stations and the need to build capacity for their operations before pumping to the municipality.

They are estimating that the pumping has started and will be able to pump between 5 and 8 Ml/day to the municipality.

The other challenges are the Municipal aged infrastructure whereby certain components could not be located and or operated.

At the main command reservoir of Point C, the leakage was identified but could not be isolated and reached to effect repairs.

The source of water could not be identified and potable pumps had to be used to empty the chamber which took considerable time.

The has been fixed and a new valve installed and pumping started.

The most affected areas are: Kwa Guqa New Extensions, Ben Fleur Extensions and Bankenveldt.

The municipality will implement water rationing where practical, install Jojo tanks in strategic areas and use of water tankers.

The water pipe breakages will be attended to as and when reported to minimise the impact. The municipality is hopeful that the mine will reinstate water supply soon and the commissioning of the new modular package plant will assist in alleviating water supply challenges.

The communities are urged to use water sparingly so as to accommodate the supply of water to all consumers.

Further that the Country and the world at large is still experiencing COVID 19 for which we expected to observe and respect the protocols.

The municipality apologises for the inconvenience caused.
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