The Emalahleni Local Municipality is the supplier of electricity to all customers within its area of jurisdiction as per distribution regions contained in the distribution licence.
The municipality obtains electrical energy from the Utility Eskom and distributes through the ten major intake points located strategically throughout the municipal distribution area.
The electricity supply is facilitated by means of distribution substations, miniature substations, transformers and switchgear and power cables.
The current inclement weather conditions being experienced within the city and illegal connections are having a negative impact on the municipal electricity supply system due to increased demand.

The burdening of electrical infrastructure networks, equipment and components will result in unintended supply interruptions to the disturbance of consumers and critical or emergency installations.
The municipality has a contractual nominal maximum demand with Eskom which is not to be exceeded as it will attract punitive charges further the electricity supply networks are fitted with protection equipment to isolate the system when huge spikes are experienced in demand.
Areas where there is a prevalence of illegal connections, protection systems are illegally by passed to accommodate the additional load resulting in the equipment experiencing permanent damage or burning out requiring replacement.
Consumers who have tampered with the electricity network also cause imbalances which affect the equipment negatively during operation especially under full load conditions.
The prolonged high burdening, intermittent on and off switching of the electrical systems has a detrimental impact on the operation, condition and life expectancy of the equipment.

The replacement of equipment comes at a high cost to the municipality and also inconveniences customers who must stay without electricity for prolonged periods whilst equipment is sourced and ultimately replaced.
The weather conditions are also not very kind to the equipment as the change in temperatures affects the equipment negatively.
Customers are therefore urged to assist the municipality in reducing the loads especially during this time so as to stabilize, maintain constant supply and protect the equipment which is currently operating under strenuous conditions.
Consumers are urged to switch off non-essential equipment to lower demand on the grid. In lieu of the fact that the cold front is expected to last over a prolonged period as per information from the weather bureau.

Consumers are urged to partner with the municipality in ensuring that the lights stay on to ensure customers stay warm and energized.

Should the situation persists, the municipality will be forced to do load shedding on area basis to maintain electrical supply.

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Communication Unit
Emalahleni Local Municipality


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