Waste Management Department

The waste management department is responsible for kerbside refuse removal, litter picking, removal of illegal dumping spots, landfill site management and street cleansing.
The municipality is rendering kerbside refuse removal services to 73,6 of the households, with 26,4 receiving informal refuse removal services. It operates 3 licensed landfill sites and has one buy back centre operated by a corporative. The municipality is in the process of finalizing the Section 78 study report on waste management as per Municipal Systems Act; after which it will finalise the ELM Integrated Waste Management Plan as per the  National Environmental Waste Management Act, to review the service and develop strategies on overall waste management, which would follow the hierarchy of control.
Compliance, management and enforcement of waste management requirements is governed through the following policies and by-laws:
  • the solid waste management by-law;
  • the adopt a spot policy;
  • the waste disposal policy;
  • the draft Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP);
  • the Mpumalanga Business Act;
  • the General Waste Collection Standards;
  • the Air Quality Management Plan; and
  • Relevant legislation.
There are a number of initiatives that the municipality has also embarked on in order to improve the waste management services, such as:
  • Development of the Section 78 study report;
  • Development of the adopt a spot policy to assist to eradicate illegal dumping spots;
  • Conducting quarterly waste and awareness education programmes;
  • Conducting monthly clean up campaigns involving environmental groups and corporative;
  • Partnering with private sector on waste management to procure tools & equipment;
  • Partnering with private sector on waste management for the construction of 3 x mini. transfer stations;
  • Developing a wheelie bin policy and are to pilot the wheelie bin programme;
  • Assessing feasibility for alternative sources of energy through the utilisation of waste;
  • Participate in programmes run by Nkangala District, Provincial and National Government on waste management.

Some key programmes that also assist with effective waste management are run by the National Department of Environmental Affairs, the Provincial Government and District Municipality, such as the Good Green Deeds Programme, the Youth Jobs in Waste Programme, Clean City and Arbor City Awards Programmes and the education and awareness programmes which the municipality participates in.