Cemeteries, Parks and Open Space Management Department

The Department is responsible for providing cemetery services in terms of burial space, cemetery management and maintenance; the development, management and maintenance of parks and open spaces; landscaping and management of municipal entrances; and management of heritage sites.

Cemetery Management

The Department operates and manages 7 non- active cemeteries with a total size of 36.7 ha and 6 active cemeteries with a total size of 81.1ha. There is one new cemetery under development and a crematorium that is externally operated.
There is a competing demand for space in terms of new developments and space for cemeteries. The need to explore alternative burial methods become imperative and crucial in the municipal planning space. Vandalism and lack of security at cemeteries also becomes an increasing concern, with some of the damage occurring from roaming game.
Parks and Open Spaces Management.
The Department manages and maintains 69 developed municipal parks with a total size of 1598.9; 72 undeveloped parks with a total size of 982.9ha; 860 hectares of public open spaces; and all municipal buildings, substations and reservoirs.
The Witbank dam, Klipfontein dams, King Goerge Park, the municipal civic centre garden and the Lynville Park are recreational facilities that are regularly frequented by the public and are also maintained regularly.

Heritage Management

The National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) makes provision for the protection of the heritage resource sites in South Africa. Cultural and historical sites that require protection include, for example, gravestones, buildings and archaeological artefacts. Proclaimed provincial heritage sites refer to those sites that are on the list of ‘proclaimed’ heritage sites and features within the Nkangala District Municipality.
These sites have been identified and listed by the former National Monuments Council and the current South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA). The sites were also published in the Government Gazette. Sites that have been proclaimed under the National Monuments Act have now been ‘de-proclaimed’ and are now Provincial Heritage Sites.